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Wait a second; this is not a scripted screenplay sort of cinema.

This is an Indian Wedding Documentary Cinema. Everything is happening live whether it is garland exchange between Bride and Groom or taking circles for Mangal Fera. There is no moment to cut the screenplay. Our Indian wedding cinematography team is experienced to handle any and all live actions. We have done that for years. We are obsessed with creating wedding stories full of wow moments. Each wedding is different yet very important to us. Our Cinematography coverage include HD 1080p recording, 4K coverage, multiple cameras, aerial drone coverage, cinematic footage, same day edit, and post production editing for highlight moments, short wedding film, and full movie.

At below, you will find a selection wedding films that we have created so far. Go ahead and witness emotion, joy, excitement, color, fun, laughter, and craziness!

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Shruti & Mayank Wedding Film | Mamaroneck Beach, NY

Story of Shruti & Mayank is full of excitement and expression...This Wedding film illustrates our most advanced editing style with multi-cameras including aerial drone footage.


Megha & Sanket - Same day edit | Doubletree Hilton, Somerset, NJ

Megha and Sanket share long lasting love story that goes way back to school days. Find out how same day edit of their wedding took place. This same day edit wedding film went viral after post wedding.


Amisha & Jigar | Royal Albert Palace, Edison, NJ

Amisha and Jigar share a special love story and you will notice that in their first dance during the grand reception. no first dance can ever be as romantic as their. #PeacockTheme


Rida & Zane | Chutney Manor - Ember Banquet, South Brunswick, NJ

Rida and Zane wedding reception was beautifully showcased in slow-motion. Moments were captured and expressions are displayed. find out how their slow motion wedding reel was played out. 

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